What the Fuck, Curveball

So my usually awesome-sleeper-awesome-eater has decided she’s going to have none of that this week.

Naps are 45 mins max, and she won’t take her bottle because she’d rather play. OH also, since she’s discovered how to feed herself finger foods she doesn’t want to eat ANYTHING from a spoon. 

And when i say she won’t – I mean she shouts, screams, kicks, pouts, yells. Grabs the spoon, or flings it away – or the best one is she lets me shovel food into her mouth….then waits a few seconds then proceeds to STARE AT ME WHILE SHE SPITS IT OUT SLOWLY.

Feeding her has become a lengthy, drawn out process.

This is probably because she’s almost mastered the art of crawling, and she just wants to be on the ground practicing all day. 

But seriously.


I’m hoping that this is just the end of her Wonder Week and that when this developmental leap passes she will go back to being…….easy. Although I really, truly doubt it. 

I know my mother is just reading this going “Karma blows, huh Jody?”

I’m going to take a hot shower and pass.the.fuck.out.



Drama, drama, drama

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